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Geek Secrets

2006 March 2
by Lichen Rancourt

Has every blogger heard this or something like it: “Why do you have to blog everything, can’t you just email me?”

I’ve been following up on Danny O’Brien’s research and the fall out from his presentation at O’Reilly’s 2004 Emerging Technology Conference. Cory Doctorow noted:

Power-users don’t trust complicated apps. Every time power-geeks has had a crash, s/he moves away from it. You can’t trust
software unless you’ve written it — and then you’re just more forgiving… Every program that can read mail ends up
getting used for everything else.

This confirms my thoughts a bit – people, librarians not excepted, want to use one application and be familiar with it. Since email is one of the essentials, it makes sense that they want to use their email program (this might be a web browser, mind you) for everything… When trying to encourage the use of IM, blogs, or other social software, we need to be aware of this and take care to explictly show how the new technologies can be integrated into their current favored tools.

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