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But does it strike twice?

2006 July 6

I’m ridiculously proud that both my NH hometown libraries sport blogs – among the first blogging libraries in the state. And these librarians really get it! Madison Library (where I grew up) blogs about their Summer Reading Program treasure hunt and their summertime raffle. The library’s director, Mary Cronin, seems to do most of the authoring and sets the tone perfectly – casual, conversational, and inclusive.

My current town, Dover, is also blessed with a wonderful town library. They impressed me when I moved here with their online town history and historical photo collection. The blog is a wonderful addition. From the June 21st post, When Lightning Strikes:

I drove home from the Library through a violent thunderstorm last night. As I watched lightning bolts flash across the panorama of the sky I was reminded of two intriguing novels…

Doesn’t it make you want to click on the link and see which novels? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Now do you want to go to the library and take one out or talk to her? Share your favorite thunderstorm novel OR, better yet, your favorite thunderstorm story? I like it for demonstrating the library as a vibrant and human place. It makes the librarians members of the community instead of sitting just outside it. If we don’t believe it is, after all, our patrons won’t either.

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